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March 30, 2020 

Your Contributions and Donations will light up more hopes and help save more people.

"Lives are being put at risk amid the coronavirus outbreak and a shortage of medical supplies - Message from WHO“

Please contribute your help for our Medical Facilities, they are seeking:

goggles, face shields, hand sanitizer, masks (N95, surgical, and isolation masks), isolation or surgical gowns and wipes.


Coronavirus: Protective gear shortages hit Bay Area hospitals and nursing homes, threatening exposure

Masks, once considered disposable, are being reused and rationed

- Reported by The Mercury News on March 24


Bay Area hospitals — which are running low on masks, gowns, face shields and other protective equipment needed by health care workers to safely treat coronavirus patients — are starting to accept donations from manufacturers, companies and the public.


- Reported by San Francisco Chronicle on March 28

Medical Facilities Donation Info
If you have a large amount of goods to donate or need to make arrangements with medical facilitates, Please contact us:
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